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CityCard as an Employee Benefit / Reward Scheme

We're one of Manchester's favourite Employee Reward schemes.  Everyone loves to feel like they’re getting a great deal – and that feeling is literally that’s what CityCard is all about.  You can get CityCards for your entire workforce for a lot less than the price of a single company meal, and your employees will enjoy access to great value CityCard deals all year long.

And it’s not just your employees who will have smiles on their faces – most CityCard offers also allow them to treat their family and friends to the same great offers as they get access to (as long as they are with the CityCard holder).

For large corporates, we can offer you a branded CityCard website for your company, and/or bespoke designed CityCards to hand out to your staff to really maximise the value of the benefit: your name and brand will appear in front of your employees eyes when they’re enjoying themselves out in the city.

We already work with some of the City’s biggest employers, so we can find the right deal for you – give our small friendly team a call, or send us an email to sales [at] CityCardManchester.co.uk.


Why have an Employee benefit Scheme?

All work and no play?
In the UK, we endure some of the longest working hours in Europe.  Whilst many companies focus on getting their staff working hard, studies have shown that it's equally as important to get them playing hard too - employees with the right work-life balance have been found to be happier and healthier, as well as more productive.

CityCard can help your staff find the right balance, with fantastic discounts on restaurants, bars, spas, salons and entertainment venues enabling them to stretch their budget, and make the most of living in Manchester.

A competitive edge
Manchester is the UK's second city, and now has the most competitive job market outside London, meaning companies have to do more to retain their staff, and attract the top talent.  In such a fiercely competitive recruitment market, it becomes clear why companies really need to offer their staff that something extra.

CityCard can help your staff get discounted gym membership, theatre tickets, stadium tours, restaurant meals, massages and nights out.  It all adds up to a very attractive proposition, and can be  great tool in keeping your staff happy.


What you get with CityCard

Dedicated Account Manager
At CityCard, we know that, on top of managing the employee benefit scheme, you probably have a full-time job to do, which is why we try to take as much of the strain as is physically possible.  We have a dedicated account manager who will meet and go through the various options with you wherever you are based in Manchester, and will become the main contact for any queiries or issues you may have.  

Your Account Manager will also work work with you on trying to create better offers for your staff - if there is a fantastic local restaurant that you always take clients to, or that the staff seem to love, we will try and create a CityCard discount for you.

Access to Fantastic Offers & Genuine Savings
This means benefits that employees can easily relate to, comprehend and use with ease. Simply by producing their membership card at an associated venue, whether a restaurant, bar, salon, health club or other, they will receive instant tangible benefits.

We can create a bespoke card specifically for your organisation - and if you are ordering enough cards then this will be completely free of charge!

Instant access to deals (smartphone)
Our new downloadable version of the card means that even without the card, your staff can take advantage of our offers - as long as they have their phone on them!

Save while Entertaining
The company can benefit from huge savings when entertaining clients, potential clients and employees.

Cost Effective
CityCard membership is a very cost effective alternative to expensive employee incentives and benefits schemes.

If you wish to find out more about CityCard Corporate, please get in touch via the contact form and we'll get in touch.  Alternatively email, tweet or call us!