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Things to do with your CityCard - GettingPersonal

30 November 2018
Things to do with your CityCard - GettingPersonal

Christmas is the time for giving, and there’s nothing quite like the warm feeling you can get from giving a winning gift that brings a smile to your friend or relatives’ face, and a warm feeling in their heart.

But picking a winning gift isn’t easy. For instance, what do you get for the person that already seems to have everything? Or the person that’s just plain difficult to even think about what they might like? How do you find gifts that are both relevant, thoughtful and personal?

The answer is closer than you think – in fact, a Manchester-based company has a present for almost anyone.  The guys at GettingPersonal.co.uk specialise in personalised gifts which will absolutely hit the mark – from personalised calendars and notebooks to mugs, whisky glasses, cheese-boards, knives, phone cases or even chocolates. 

Everything is better when it’s personalised – it shows a real level of thought and connection went in to it, and it turns a simple gift into a cherished keepsake.

So if there’s someone you’re struggling to buy for, then go ahead and check out their site – best of all, CityCard members get a straight 10% off everything, which means that you might be able to afford something that bit more special (or you can afford to treat yourself to something at the Christmas markets with the difference).

CityCard members just need to log-in and check out the GettingPersonal.co.uk offer page to find out more details.  Buy now for Christmas (or any occasion!)

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