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Things to do with your CityCard - Fantastic Services

30 January 2019
Things to do with your CityCard - Fantastic Services

Everyone has limited spare time. After sitting through the no-doubt horrendous commute to work, spending the best hours of the day dedicated to your laptop, and then slogging it back home in the dark to get something to eat, it’s no wonder that we decide to sit back and turn on another box-set. 

And weekends are meant for doing fun stuff – and distinctly not for things like cleaning, tidying or gardening – but often we end up doing more of the latter, and not enough time on actually doing the things we love: getting out and meeting friends, reading more, doing some exercise, etc…

Wouldn’t life be so much more fun if, basically, you could get someone else to do all your cleaning for you?  Someone to keep the carpets and windows spotless, and the garden in order?  (so that you don’t have to, and can concentrate on living life to the max). Sound good?

Well, you’ve pretty much just described Fantastic services, who do all of the above, and so much more.  Granted, at a price, but CityCard members also save 10% off everything that you get them to do for you.

Since they launched with CityCard, they also do a lot, lot more too - nowadays, Fantastic can also find you a builder or tradesmen, landscape your garden and even pest control – and you can do it all via their new app!

Click here to visit their CityCard offer page for more details.  Do more of what you love!

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