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A great way to save money

28 July 2017
A great way to save money

Is there a tastier way to save money than to quietly shave off 20% of a delicious restaurant meal?  Or a more exhilarating way to save than 35% off a trip out with the kids?  A funnier way to save than 25% off the price of tickets for a comedy club?  These are all the ways you can save with CityCard, Manchester.









We have over 130 different offers, ranging from food and restaurants through to bars and nightlife, theatres, spa’s, shops, and we even have almost all of the city’s biggest-hitting tourist attractions who offer exclusive CityCard members discount.

Obtaining the discount is easy – there’s often no need to book: you just turn up, mention CityCard, show the cashier or waitress the CityCard app on your smartphone, and money literally evaporates off the final bill.  That gives you more money to spend on doing more things you like, and means you really can make the most of your time in our glorious city.

We’ve been around for over 11 years now.  Last year, we reckoned we’d saved the people of Manchester over £40m over our decade of operation, and the savings keep on coming!

So whatever you fancy doing in the city, check out the offers on CityCard Manchester first, and see how we can make saving money tasty, exhilarating and funny.  Membership is a lot cheaper and cost-effective than you think.

Sign up. Download. Save.

Become a member for just £2 a month and save at over 130+ CityCard venues