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My CityCard - Saved more than I paid for it

28 April 2017
My CityCard - Saved more than I paid for it

We love it when customers get in touch with us...

"I got offered a discounted CityCard at work and decided to give it a spin: usually with these sorts of cards or offers, then they don’t tend to work out for the best, and they only really pay off if you use them incessantly, or they require you to book in advance, so you end up having to be really committed: not so with CityCard – we just walked into GBK last night, and I saved more money in my first use of the card (£24) than the card will cost me for a whole year!"








"After a couple of post-work drinks in town, there was a bit of discussion about where we’d go, so I checked the CityCard website on my mobile and spotted GBK were on there, and offered 30% off food to CityCard members!  30% is a massive saving, and, with it being for up to four people, it was an easy sell.  We all love GBK anyways, because the burgers there are the real deal – but they tastes all the better for being 30% cheaper!  We honestly ate like kings, and the staff were super kind and friendly too" :)

"Totally stuffed (we all did their ‘Mighty’ burger!), I was so impressed when I got my CityCard discount (and so were my mates!).  They were like ‘wow! I’m gonna come and work for you!’ and were really surprised that it wasn’t a one-use only thing: so much so that we’re already planning to make post-work drinks and a GBK a monthly ‘thing’!  Thanks, CityCard."

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