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Things to do with your CityCard – Delta Paintball

27 September 2018
Things to do with your CityCard – Delta Paintball

Run. Duck. Hide. Run. Sneak a peek. Wait. Breathe. Ready. Aim. Fire!  Paintball is a game that’s full of exhilaration and excitement, but – thankfully - without any of the consequences of playing with real guns!

Delta Paintball and CityCard Manchester

It’s a game that takes you back to the baser human instincts of kill or be killed, and is the ultimate way to see how brave (or terribly scared) you become on a faux battlefield.  You can keep ‘Fortnite’ and ‘Call of Duty’ and all that virtual reality nonsense – this is how to really prove your mettle! 

Just writing about paintball is getting my adrenaline flowing, and bringing back memories of my own times out in the mud – hiding behind old caravans, lurking around bushes, ambushing my enemies, and capturing flags!  (And vice-versa, of course).

Paintball is ideal for anyone – from office team-building days (you’ll soon spot the leaders – and who hasn’t wanted to stick a paintball into that annoying guy at work?!), to birthday parties, and everything in between.  Delta paintball also have mini-paintball, which is suitable for kids aged from 8 years old, so it’s something that almost anyone can do.  What’s more, paintballs don’t hurt, and you’ll get all the kit you need provided for you.

Paintball is a lot more fun than you think – it’s also a lot cheaper than you think: Delta Paintball are the biggest and best players in the business, with paintball centres right across the UK, and offer CityCard members 50% off their normal daily rate, which means that you can get a day of paintball (excluding paintballs) for just £4.99.  Check out their offer page for details.

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