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The Undisputed Home of Football

27 May 2016
The Undisputed Home of Football

It happened!  The boss said that I would be allowed to write another blog about football in Manchester when Jose Mourinho arrived in Manchester, and finally it happened!

With Mourinho now signing on the dotted line, and Pep Guardiola already installed at City, it’s incredible that the two best football managers in the world are thrashing it about in our city.

We’ve still yet to see the Champions League final for this year, but it’s surely impossible for anyone in Manchester not to be excited about next season already: the main reason for that being Jose Mourinho, Guardiola, and somewhere in the region of £400m.  I honestly can’t wait!

Whilst neither football team can claim to be anywhere near the top of the tree in England at the moment – let alone Europe – it’s super-encouraging to see that serious investments will be made in the summer, and that both new managers arrive in our great city with one major ambition in mind: to build a dynasty.

Mourinho is here because he loves United’s history and this job has always been the one he coveted the most (and will even abandon his pragmatic defensive tactics for it!).  Guardiola is here because he wants to prove himself in the toughest league in the world, and he knows that there is no better place for him, given the incredible infrastructure, top-drawer facilities and deep pockets of the clubs owners.

It will be intriguing to see how this all pans out – but it looks like we’re about to have at least a couple of seasons of thrilling action, battles, and mind games, and we’ve all got front row seats!

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