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Things to do with your CityCard – Honest Brew

27 March 2018
Things to do with your CityCard – Honest Brew

Are you the sort of person that likes to drink good beer?  But are you finding it increasingly hard to find?  Or ridiculously expensive to buy in a bar? 

If you’re not, then fine, please feel free to go on drinking Carling or Fosters to your hearts content.  Ideally warm.

But if you are, then HonestBrew.co.uk might well be the answer – they sell a wide range of the UK’s best craft beers, from the UK’s best craft brewers, at reasonable prices (like, not £5+ a pint!), as well as a host of recognised quality international breweries.  All super fresh, super tasty, and with something for everyone!








From delicious Brewdog and Beavertown, to Manchesters’ very own Cloudwater, and all the way to New Zealand’s North End brewery, this place has it all – including an impressive range of Gluten free and alcohol free beers (for when normal, mainstream beer simply won’t do).

There’s free shipping for their specially curated honesty boxes (which give you a taste fo a range of different beers from around the world), plus free delivery for orders over £50 in value (it’s usually £5.99), but, as CityCard members get 20% off their first order, which makes being a CityCard member even more valuable – they’re basically giving away free beer to all CityCard members!

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