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Manchester shops to reopen - 15th June

26 May 2020
Manchester shops to reopen - 15th June

The bad news is that nothing is going to be happening in our great city, Manchester, for another three weeks. More just sitting around twiddling thumbs, wasting time, watching too much TV, or attempting to work from home.

The good news is that from Monday 15th June, the ‘non-essential’ shops – like clothes and fashion shops, department stores, mobile phone shops, plus indoor and outdoor markets – are allowed to open.

Manchester high street opening 15th June 2020 after coronavirus lockdown

Obviously, we’re still not technically supposed to be getting on public transport at the moment, but where there’s a will to get to Manchester, there’s a way – after all, all that refunded holiday money isn’t going to spend itself!

Sadly, the latest plans still outlaw cafés, pubs and bars, and restaurants are restricted to takeaway, offering their stellar goods for consumption from cartons with plastic cutlery. But it’s a start, and a useful first step towards life returning to come kind of normal.

I can’t wait for a lazy afternoon in the sunshine with a few drinks, maybe down in Castlefield, and then heading somewhere for a tasty meal afterwards – but it looks like this might not be on the cards for a while - of course, you can also bank on the fact that the moment that pubs and bars are allowed to open will also be the moment when the weather turns and the heavens open – but I guess that just means that we’ll all end up sat drinking in the rain.

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