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Manchester Comes Together

26 May 2017
Manchester Comes Together

It’s been a crazy week in Manchester, and it’s almost unbelievable that an event of such global magnitude happened in our home.

A terrible attack, and, evil as any kamikaze mission is, it’s all the more evil when you consider that it was kids and teens who were being deliberately targeted.  A tragic attack on people who had just enjoyed a fantastic performance in our city, and were leaving the Arena with smiles on their faces.  Horrible, and so sad: how could anyone do this?









It’s when the chips are down that you really learn who your friends are, and it seems that, in times of crisis, we, the people of Manchester, are more of a family than you think.  So much help has been given by so many: emotional, moral and financial support; inviting strangers into our homes; taking to the streets to show defiance and solidarity; looking out for one another, and pro-actively asking: how can I help?

It’s been truly inspiring to be part of the people, and the atmosphere in Manchester has been one of friendship, warmth, sensitivity, and, yeah, even humour.

There have been people leading masses of children to safety, companies donating food and bedding, homeless people giving first aid, thousands and thousands of volunteers and blood-donors, amongst so many amazing selfless acts and sacrifices.  With strangers like these around, who needs friends?

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