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Make the most of Manchester for 2 quid a month

26 April 2019
Make the most of Manchester for 2 quid a month

The evenings are getting longer, the sunny spells are becoming more regular, and, with the city seemingly getting bigger and better by the second, there’s never been a better season to enjoy yourself, or a better place to be, than summer in our great city.

The quick drinks after work, the cheeky lunches, the fun evening meals, the nights at the theatre or the comedy club, the day-trips to the best tourist attractions in the North-west – all great fun!

Make the most of Manchester with CityCard

Sadly, anything fun costs money.  Even sneaking out after work for a couple of drinks each day quickly mounts up.  If only there was something you could do about that… *Sigh*

But wait – with a CityCard, then you could get special rates at bars, restaurants, theatres, comedy clubs, gyms, spas, hairdressers, and so much more across the city.  Sadly it doesn’t get you stuff for free, but using a CityCard can make a reasonable impact to your city centre lifestyle – like 25% off an evening meal in a fancy restaurant, 20% off drinks, 20% off at hairdressers, 2-4-1 tickets at venues, and so much more. 

But here’s where a CityCard becomes a no-brainer: it costs just £2 a month, with no contract – that’s less than the cash you’ll save if you just take up one CityCard members-only offer (so imagine how much you can save if you use it a few times a month?)

It’s easy to sign up, you can download a CityCard instantly to your smartphone, and then it’s ready to use there and then.

So make the most of Manchester: get a CityCard!

Sign up. Download. Save.

Become a member for just £2 a month and save at over 130+ CityCard venues