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Heatwave continues everywhere except Manchester

23 June 2017
Heatwave continues everywhere except Manchester

I think we all know the script here: this is another blog about how living in Manchester sucks – or at least the weather does!

Whilst the rest of the country is basking in the ‘longest heatwave since 1976’, and schoolboys are wearing skirts in protest at not being allowed to wear shorts when the sun is scorching,  it’s just typical that here in the best city in the UK, we’re left looking up at the usual cloudy, drab, grey skies. 









In Brighton and Cornwall, they’re getting wall-to-wall sunshine.  In Eastbourne, they’re cowering in the shade because it’s too hot to go outside in the sunshine.  In Manchester?  We’re back to wearing jumpers and coats, whilst grumbling miserably that the longest day has passed and the countdown to winter has begun.

Ian Brown famously said that the only thing Manchester needed was a beach – but it’s probably for the best given how little use it would get.  It might not be raining (though that is forecast for this weekend), but it’s probably safe to say that you can put your bikini’s and your flip-flops away for another year.

Of course, this might be one of the reasons why Manchester airport has gotten so big: with so many Mancunians desperate to get some sunshine!

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