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Dreaming of a DAMP christmas

22 December 2016
Dreaming of a DAMP christmas

It’s not a classic line, and certainly not something to croon over, but unfortunately Manchester isn’t going to be getting a romantic dusting of snow this christmas – instead, we’re due to have heavy rain for the duration of Christmas day - like three bars on the cloud icon, people! 

That means that kids will be stuck inside, and that riding that new bike, scooter or trampoline will have to wait till boxing day – unless, of course, they got gifted a new waterproof jacket too?

And there’s a fair chance that Santa will need to wear his raincoat, because the deluge is forecast to start at 10pm on Christmas eve – but don’t worry kids – I don’t think Santa is worried about a spot of rain, and I can’t find anything on Google or Wikipedia to suggest that Santa has ever not visited our city. 









The forecasters do say that snow is on the way to Manchester for mid-January, however…  which should be a nice change from all this dull, bleak, damp weather.

Whatever the weather, we wishing you a very merry christmas, and a brilliant new year!

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