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Things to do with you CityCard – Pizza Express

22 March 2018
Things to do with you CityCard – Pizza Express

Whenever one of my friends has had a terrible day at work, she goes straight to her nearest Pizza Express and drowns herself in doughballs.  Doughballs with garlic for starters, then a big delicious pizza and a giant glass of wine, followed by more doughballs (this time with something sweet) for dessert. 

With each doughball, her worries and pressures drift gently away, and, by the end, she’s back to being happy and smiley.  And it’s all thanks to the doughballs. 









Where would we be without Pizza Express? Well, clearly, the world would be a much sorrier and miserable place, because we would never have discovered doughballs.

Without Pizza Express, we would probably still be going to Pizza Hut for our cheese-and-tomatoey highs, and, let’s face it, that’s pizza that’s neither tasty nor healthy.  If it’s even allowed to be called pizza?
Without Pizza Express, where else could you go that literally everyone in your group would be happy with going to? 

Whether they’re vegan or vegetarian, a fussy-eater, or someone who is a bit of a snob about fast-food, they’ll all find something to eat here.  Heck, ever the people on a diet will be able to get on board here – they sell Pizza’s where they fill the middle with salad instead of cheese, which seriously reduces the calories!

Pizza Express – what’s not to like? CityCard members get a whopping 20% off food at Pizza Express restaurants across the city.  Happiness, but 20% cheaper!

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