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Things to do with your CityCard – Segway Safari

20 May 2018
Things to do with your CityCard – Segway Safari

Segways were once going to be the transport of the future: one day, we’d all give up walking and just whizz around on mobile single-person robots.  

Sadly, that dream has not yet come to pass, and the vast majority of us still rely on using our legs to get around the place – although with the recent popularity of hoverboards, it’s clear that we’ll get there in the end, and we’ll soon be doing less exercise than ever (once they start self-combusting and blowing up).

But it’s a puzzle as to why Segways never really took off, because they actually make getting from A to B a genuine pleasure.  Everyone has been sat bored on a bus, train or in a car.  Even an uber taxi, as cutting-edge as it feels, is still a bit dull.  But getting about by Segways is tremendous fun: the exhilaration of the speed coupled with the instinctive simplicity of the steering means that you could spend days racing around without ever getting bored.

If you’ve never tried a Segway, you really should give them a go, and see just how quickly they’ll put a smile on your face (and get you thinking about how traipising to the shops could be a joyful experience if you had one of your own!).

CityCard members get crazy price discounts at Segway Safari, where you can put a Segway through it’s paces – check out our member offer page for details.

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