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Enjoy Manchester with up to half off

20 January 2017
Enjoy Manchester with up to half off

There’s always loads of stuff happening around this great city that we call home, from major gigs and sporting events or exhibitions to local festivals and celebrations.  Likewise, there always seems to be a new restaurant opening (with great fanfare) every other week, and there’s tourist attractions which are so often overlooked by the locals but which deliver a fun day out regardless of where you travelled from.









It’s obviously important to keep your ear to the ground when you’re considering ‘what’s on’ in the city, but our users say that their CityCard is their top tip for getting the most out of living or working in Manchester.

With loads of special members-only discounts at restaurants, bars, salons, spa’s and attractions across the city, CityCard makes it easy to do something different in the city every day of the year – and all at lower prices than the regulars are paying, which means your money goes further than ever before.

There’s offers of up to 50% off food or drink at some restaurants, which, with a group of four of you, could lead to some MASSIVE savings!  Or if you have visitors, we can offer brilliant rates for all of Manchesters’ biggest attractions: football stadium tours, LegoLand, Sea-life, or even Alton Towers – they’re all on CityCard.

Check out our current offers on our site and see how you could spend as little as £5 a month on membership, but save an absolute fortune, and live the sweet life in the city.

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