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Things to do with your CityCard - Frog & Bucket

19 September 2019
Things to do with your CityCard - Frog & Bucket

The darkness is closing in, the weather is grey and miserable, and the long-ongoing and confusing saga in the news means that there’s not much to smile, much less laugh about in ordinary life in Manchester today. We are in need of some happy places.

Which means it is just as well that there are indeed some specialist places in our city where they’ll put a smile back on your face.  Frog and Bucket is an award winning comedy club who have taken it to the extremes and actually hire professional comedians to help get your chuckles flowing!

Frog & Bucket and CityCard Manchester

Most evenings, there’s a line-up of comedy stand-ups on stage, and at least one (but usually all) are bound to get your laughing!  Of course, there’s also a well stocked bar and decent range of food to help when laughter alone won’t hit the spot (and so you can head there almost straight from work if required). And after the comedy ends, and gets you in the mood for a night out, the venue bashes out the latest hits and transforms into a disco / nightclub.

The weekends feature some primetime acts, but you can watch unpolished performers on Monday nights for grassroots comedy (or even sign up to have a go yourself!)

CityCard members can get 2-4-1 tickets on Thursday nights, or special rates on Friday nights – check out their offer page for more details.

But go on, go ahead and smile!

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