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Things to do with your CityCard – Alton Towers

19 April 2018
Things to do with your CityCard – Alton Towers

With this sunshine, it’s not difficult to imagine that summer is around the corner, which brings back distant memories of long summer holidays and end of School trips to the biggest theme park in the area, Alton Towers. 









Of course, it’s a bit keen to start thinking about the summer, but you might be surprised to hear that Alton Towers is already open for the year: it opens in mid-March, and right now, as you read this (if you’re reading this during the day, at least) there are hundreds of people being thrilled, scared and thoroughly entertained!

The other thing to note is that Alton Towers isn’t just for kids – otherwise, why would it be open all week even when the kids are at School?!  In fact, it’s best experienced during the summer holidays, when there’s practically no queues, less crying, and less little people getting under your feet!

This years’ new ride is called Wicker Man, which is the first wooden roller-coaster to have been built for 20 years and matches the scary (theoretical) ricketiness of wooden rollercoasters with cutting edge graphics to make it feel you’re about a million miles away from Manchester (when in fact, you’re only 44 miles away).

CityCard members get exclusive discounts at Alton Towers and Alton Towers Water Park – the discounts are so amazing that you’ll have to log in to see them, and how to claim them.  So give yourself a day off in the sunshine, and go have some fun!

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