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Things to do with your CityCard - Rosso

18 October 2019
Things to do with your CityCard - Rosso

There are restaurants in Manchester where you can grab a satisfying bite to eat, and then there are restaurants, where you can sit and enjoy a decadent meal, in a stylish atmosphere, with fine customer service. Throw in some subtle lighting and live music and the evening slips delightfully by as you enjoy the company and bonhomie of whoever you’re with. It’s less a meal, and more an occasion.

Sounds good? Yeah, I thought so!

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In that case, you need to get yourself a reservation at the ever wonderful Rosso, at the top of King Street in our great city. You’ll love it!

As well as being one of the places to be and be seen, Rosso has a tantalising Italian-themed menu – including the wonderful Spaghetti all’aragosta, or the mesmeric apricot stuffed Duetto di Pollo – but there’s so many dishes of note that it would be impossible to list them all! They lift even the basic dishes like X to new levels of deliciousness. I’m salivating just thinking about it…

That should be reason enough for you to head to the restaurant, but if you need more, then you’ll be happy to know that CityCard members get a whopping 20% off food – head to the offer page for more details.

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