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The Best INDOOR places to enjoy the summer

18 August 2017
The Best INDOOR places to enjoy the summer

Ok.  We give up on summer 2017.  Let’s just resign ourselves to the fact that it’s going to tip it down until next May and have done with it.  With that in mind, here’s three of our favourite places to sit inside and enjoy the atmosphere at.  Best of all, they’re all CityCard venues!








Sapporo TeppanyakiThe Japanese restaurant near Castlefield where they cook their delicacies on flames and grills literally right in front of you, and where audience participation is part of the cooking process!  Japanese cuisine ranging from meats to Sushi, and all washed down with authentic Sake! We love it!

Crazy Wendy’sStep further out of the city to  Disdsbury and there’s another restaurant that has a jovial atmosphere and serving staff who like to entertain: Crazy Wendys is an awesomely fun Restaurant-cum-Karaoke bar, where the owner (Crazy Wendy) and her team will stand on the table and regale you with some karaoke classics whilst you eat, and then let you join in for dessert!

Frog & Bucket ­– Laugh off the rain by sitting in a dark, cosy room and listening to some of the UK’s – and indeed the world’s - funniest comedians!  If you fancy yourself as a bit of an entertainer, why not head there on one of their open mic nights (and see how hard it is!)

Where do you like to take your CityCard when it’s wet and cold?

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