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Will Manchester go underground

17 March 2017
Will Manchester go underground

It’s always irked me that Manchester – one of the biggest and best cities in the UK – has always lacked a decent transport infrastructure.  I mean, even Liverpool has an underground system?! 

It’s scraping the barrel a touch when you have to tell people that the best method of getting about the city is by the free buses that link the main railway stations?!









Metrolink is getting there, but the whole system is so painfully slow – mainly because they decided that we need the ultra-convenience of having a stop every 50m.  Which is great in that you have a stop just a short stroll away wherever you are in the city, but terrible when you consider that the trams stop so often that it’s probably quicker to crawl to your destination (and a darn sight cheaper).

But worry not, Manchester, plans are afoot to change all that: the leader of Manchester City council recently outlined plans at a major property expo in France that the city needs its own underground rail network to help us all get from A to B and back again.  There’s scant detail beyond the fact that it’ll cost billions of pounds (and years of time) to plan and implement, but it’s another step forwards that we’re even talking about this sort of thing, and more so that they’re talking about our city at a major global event.

Of course, this is not the first time that an underground system has been mentioned for Manchester – the MEN recently unearthed some plans from the 1970’s for such a system, which are worth a look if you’re an enthusiast for such things!

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