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Give GNev and Giggs a chance

17 February 2017
Give GNev and Giggs a chance

There’s been a certain amount of media chutzpah this week after Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville announced more detailed plans for a development in Manchester that they’re calling St Michaels.  (NB: it’s obviously not just those two guys who are running this £200m operation – plus they’re probably more interested in Football than buildings - but they’re the most interesting of all the backers).









The crux of the matter is that some people say that their development – two big skyscrapers with all the trimmings of retail, officers, a five-star hotel and hundreds of fancy apartments – will take away part of the history of Manchester.

That’s all well and good to protest when there’s something of cultural significance that they’re trying to destroy, but when the history that they’re protecting is a disused and derelict police station which isn’t that old, and a grimy old fashioned pub (which is famous for being a landmark upon which a tv programme might have been inspired by – that is to say, not really famous for anything at all) then, for me, standing in the way of the developers is not the right answer.

People are willing to invest in our great city, and, in the mean-time at least, more skyscrapers, more energy, more activity, more people, more jobs and more opportunities are just what the city needs – even if it does mean losing a couple of ugly disused buildings along the way.

What do you think about the development plans? What would you like to see happening in Manchester city centre?  Tweet us your opinions!

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