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Manchester is OPEN!

16 June 2020
Manchester is OPEN!

This week saw the re-opening of Manchester - or at least part of it – as the high street started to trade again after 11 weeks of lockdown. There were long queues of shoppers outside stores, waiting patiently to get their hands on new clothes, trainers, toys, books, pens, stationery or whatever else you can buy in Manchester these days!

Manchester city centre shops reopen coronavirus

It was a hugely welcome return, and a positive step forwards to returning to normality (albeit in facemasks for the time being). The biggest queue in the city centre was for Primark, with many people arriving extra early so that they could be first in line. Quite what they had to buy so urgently is a mystery!

Experts are expecting shopping revenues to skyrocket over the next couple of weeks, as customers loosen their purse strings after weeks of not being able to spend any money. They’re also expecting people to go big on luxury goods and big-ticket items as people treat themselves after weeks of being bored and dismayed, plus things which will ease the lock-down pain, like giant TV’s, computer consoles, and plush garden furniture.

Of course, walking around Manchester it’s hard not to notice that the other half of the city centre (the bars, restaurants, pubs, cafe’s, hair salons, etc…) still have their shutters down. We’re expecting to hear more about when they can re-open (likely with some limitations and restrictions on the number of people allowed in), but hopefully they will be open in some format from the 4th July 2020.

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