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Things to do with your CityCard - Nuffield Health

16 May 2019
Things to do with your CityCard - Nuffield Health

With the sun shining down on Manchester again, now is possibly not the best time to think about getting into a new regime (the sun makes beer-gardens and post-work drinks far too tempting!).

But whilst the year has flown by, it’s still only early - ok mid - May, which means there’s plenty enough time to get yourself in shape for the summer holidays if you think fast and act now! (And if you’re not so worried about the state you’re in, then exercise is still good for your mental health).

Nuffield Health and CityCardManchester.co.uk

You can head to the gym to lose a few pounds and get yourself in shape ready to feel great about yourself whether you’re on a faraway beach or just over in Crosby, and whether you bathing in sun on the sun terrace at Barca or in a rooftop bar in Barcelona. 

And CityCard members can benefit from an exclusive offer with Nuffield Health gyms, where our members get one month free at their cutting-edge gyms, complete with spas, saunas and steam-rooms, and more exercise classes than you can imaging, in their Printworks or Didsbury gyms. 

Don’t believe us when we say they’re cutting edge? Well, head their first on a free 1-day trial by visiting their website.

CityCard members get one month free when signing up for 12 months – see their offer page for more details.

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