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From Manchester to England – we’re driving UK culture

15 June 2017
From Manchester to England – we’re driving UK culture

Every week this column comes round, and all I can think of is that ‘it’s been a crazy topsy-turvy week’ – whether it’s terrorist attacks, election campaigns, tribute gigs, skyscrapers on fire, coalitions of chaos, or even scorching sunshine all week to be followed only by torrential rain at the weekend.  Yes, these are interesting times that we’re living in :/.

Two stories caught my eye from a Manchester angle this week: the first is that, with all this misery around, it’s been really heartening to see ‘Don’t look back in anger’ – a song by Manchester band Oasis – be taken on as an alternative anthem for the country.  It was obviously touching after the terrorist attacks in Manchester, but it’s since been used as a way of expressing both grief and solidarity (as only that song can) in London, and even as far away as Paris, where they played it before the England football game earlier this week.  It means so much to the people of Manchester that it’s fantastic to share it with so many people.  From Manchester, to England.









Secondly, with all the election and stuff last week you might’ve missed this: Greggs have opened their very first drive-through restaurant, and it’s based in our city!  It’s being used as a trial, and, if successful, it could be the innovative and pioneering people of Manchester who helped to ensure that no-one is more than a short drive away from a hot sausage roll.  Southerners won’t know what’s hit them! 

Again. from Manchester, to England – we’re driving the culture of this country. (PS. the drive-thru is based in a service centre in Irlam, if you’re interested! (which of course you are!)

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