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What Manchester Needs

15 May 2017
What Manchester Needs

This week has seen some incredible spectacles in Manchester!









From the election of a Mayor (who is giving 15% of his own wages to pay for care for the homeless in the city!) and the launch of the Labour General Election campaign in politics, the incredible return of Adam Ant performing live (amongst other great artists) in music and culture, and, in sport, a European semi-final (and the prospect of a local team in a European final in May.  

And we’ve also had sunshine (which I have enjoyed watching from inside our office – no doubt it will be back to being dull and grey by the weekend!) - what more could a city ask for?!

Ian Brown is so famously quoted: “Manchester’s got everything except a beach”, which got us thinking, now that we have a new mayor, what more does Manchester need?  

A beach would obviously be a great idea (with the added bonus that it would surely also mean that either Leeds or Liverpool were now part of the sea!), but when we asked about the office, we thought also it’d be cool if we could just drag Chester Zoo, Knowsley Safari park and Alton Towers a little closer to the city: they’re fantastic attractions but the hour-plus drive means that you have to be really motivated to get there.

The other major idea was an F1 racetrack, whilst someone else was suggesting that we should look to the future and build the UK’s first ‘Space-port’ (for launching rockets into space) so that we’ll be ready when cosmo-tourism kicks off!

What about you?  Do you have any ideas about what would make Manchester an even better city?

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