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Things to do with your CityCard - Go Mad For It this spring

15 February 2019
Things to do with your CityCard - Go Mad For It this spring

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Now that spring is in the air, do you just want to get outdoors and do something fun, adventurous and hair-raising? 

Well, there’s no need to head all the way to some European ski-slope or toboggan track to get your kicks – there’s plenty of excitement to be had right here in Manchester:

Ever wondered what it’s like to roll down a steep hillside in a giant rubber ball? Well, you’re in luck, if you have the bottle for it, as you’ve pretty much described an afternoon at Spheremania, near Macclesfield!

Mad for it

If that’s a bit too extreme, but you still want to move in an exciting manner, then how about heading to Madrenaline to take on their off-road Segway Safari, where you’ll get to grips with the transport of the future (and hopefully avoid racing in to one of the trees!)

Ok, you after something fun and new? Then how about SkyBow, where you get to fire a cross-bow at moving targets.  Katniss and Robin Hood make it look easy, but we’ll see if your still thinking that after trying to hit a cow from 10 feet…

And if target-shooting is your game, then you can also step forwards from the historic bow and arrow to the future of weaponry – Madrenaline also offer high-tech clayzar, using cutting edge laser guns to shoot down those pesky clay pigeons!

There’s a world of adventure to be found out there, and CityCard members get special rates at Spheremania and Segway Safari, SkyBow and Clayzar at Madrenaline – check out their offer pages for more details! 

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