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Things to do with your CityCard - Open Fairways

14 March 2019
Things to do with your CityCard - Open Fairways

Whenever there’s sunshine intermittently mixed with rainy spells, all I can think about is that is must be time for golf: almost all of my recent golfing experiences have basically been about ‘enjoying’ both the hot and the cold of the British weather, often both at the same time. 

One minute it’s sunny and you’re in too hot in a polo shirt, and the next, you’re trying to swing for the ball whilst wearing three anoraks, or worse, taking shelter in the trees. 

CityCard Manchester and Open Fairways

Luckily, I don’t mind the weather because I’m a massive fan of playing golf – in fact, it's part of the game.  And what a game: there’s nothing quite like it: it should be such a simple sport, and it’s easy to get the basics, but it’s immensely difficult to master.  There’s so many factors to getting the ball to go where you want it, that it’s as much a mental as a physical challenge.

It’s always nice to play on your home course, where you know the twists and turns and greens, but it’s often more exciting to play somewhere new.  It can be quite expensive to go to a new course each week (instead of playing an annual fee), but you can get an Open Fairways card which will save you some serious cash on your green fees – they have special offers like 2-for-1, 4-for-2, or even 25-50% off total green fees (for up to 8 golfers!).

Best of all, CityCard members get special rates on Open Fairways, and can get a card for just £49/year (instead of the RRP of £89!).  Check out their offer page for details.

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