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Summer holiday please... Anywhere COLD!

13 August 2020
Summer holiday please... Anywhere COLD!

The summer holidays are here, and everyone is talking about getting away from our beloved Manchester for a few days of rest and relaxation. And I have to agree with them – except instead of panicking about jetting off to the sunshine, I want to go somewhere freezing cold!

We’re in the midst of another Manchester heatwave (heck, anything above 25 degrees counts as a heatwave here, but the mercury is hitting over 30 at the moment), and that means hot, sweaty, sweltering days and hot, sweaty, sleepless nights. So you can forget asking me to get on a plane to France or Spain or Greece – but I’ll jump at the chance to fly further north to escape!

Manchester is sweltering citycardmanchester.co.uk

And just imagine being in a tent in this heat?! That would surely count as some form of torture?!

Yes, it is HOT in Manchester right now. Normally, everything is made better by beer gardens and such being open, and the it’s the thought of a nice cold ice-cold drink in the sunshine after work that drives you through the day, but with the city in double-lockdown, then I’m not even sure who I’m allowed to go for a drink with, or where, or how many layers of PPE I need to wear to be able to do it!

Sadly, I don’t have a flight booked, so I guess I’ll have to head to Blackpool or Southport to go and dip my toes in the water (along with the other X thousand people who will have had the exact same idea).

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