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How to use your CityCard

13 June 2019
How to use your CityCard

What if you could walk into a restaurant or bar, flash them your membership card, and then get money taken off your bill?  What if you could go to a restaurant and pay just 50% of the menu prices?

CityCard Manchester and how to use it

If you have a CityCard then the question is not ‘what if?’ but ‘when next?’ because both of the above pretty much describe exactly what CityCard Manchester is about.  You become a member, head to one of our participating venues, show them your CityCard, and they’ll give you special and exclusive CityCard members-only rates – which, in some places, can be a whopping 50% off!

These days, you don’t even need to carry your CityCard with you – you can just show a digital CityCard on your smartphone to access the great savings, and you can become a member for just £2 a month. 

And it’s not just bars and restaurants where being a CityCard member gets you special rates – we have over 130 venues across Manchester, ranging from tourist attractions, hairdressers, spas, theatres, comedy clubs, shops, services, and so much more – in short, everything to make the most out of our beautiful city centre, and there is absolutely something for everyone: from Pizza Express lovers to those who like eating at upmarket restaurants like the fabulous Rosso.

And a CityCard is not just good for you, it’s good for your friends too: you can usually use it for discounts for up to four people. Most places you can just turn up, but a few restaurants like you to book ahead, so check the offer pages for details.

What are you waiting for?

Sign up. Download. Save.

Become a member for just £2 a month and save at over 130+ CityCard venues