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Things to do with your CityCard – Manzil

13 April 2018
Things to do with your CityCard – Manzil

There’s nothing quite like a top quality Indian meal – from crunchy poppadoms with a range of chutneys, to meaty starters (crispy onion bhaji’s and chicken pakoras please), and hot and spicy curries, served with naan bread and pilau rice.  Deeee-licious. 








But how often do you end up sitting in an Indian restaurant and completely town between two (or more) amazing sounding dishes?  If you’re like me, it will be practically all the time.

So what if you could go to a top Indian restaurant and try a bit of everything they serve, to really knock yourself out with flavours – that would be cool, right?

Well, step forward Manzil, a self-service Indian restaurant in Manchester, just 500m north of the Northern quarter.  They pride themselves on the quality of their food (and even host weddings at their venue), but will let you help yourself to whatever you want to try.  It’s kind of like an ‘all you can eat’ except that no one ever left an Indian restaurant feeling hungry anyways, so it’s more about tasting some exceptional flavours and enjoying every mouthful of your meal. 

Not sure if you like Peshawri naan?  Try it.  Will the madras be too hot?  Try it.  I love Manzil because it lets me explore all the dishes I normally have to overlook because I don’t have the balls to try switching from something I know I’ll enjoy!

Best of all, CityCard members can eat 2-4-1, so you take a friend along and treat them to a free dinner, or, better, get them to pay and you can eat for free?!

(Offer not valid on Friday or Saturday nights)

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