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Things to do with your CityCard - TNQ

12 December 2018
Things to do with your CityCard - TNQ

Some people like bratwurst and to stand in the cold looking at trinkets - other people go for much heartier fayre.  There’s been much discussion about which is better in the CityCard office this week - mainly prompted by the latest outstanding winter menu at Manchester’s very own TNQ restaurant.

We’re not exactly saying anything new when we say that TNQ completely nails it as a restaurant - the food is immaculate and exceptional, but, just as important, the whole vibe of the place is a warm bubbly atmosphere which has the perfect balance of attentive service and people having genuine fun.  Even on an extremely busy Christmas service, the whole place is buzzing.

TNQ (and it’s master chef Anthony Fielden) insist on only using the finest ingredients which the British isles have to offer, and they use it to cook up a fantastic range of relatively simple but flavoursome dishes. 

The ones that got people in our office raving was the spiced butternut squash soup (£5.95), followed by the Roast Vegetable Tagine (£13.50) or a perfectly cooked lake-district-bred Sirloin steak (£19.95).  Real heart-warming stuff, which is totally worth walking away from the twinkly lights of the markets for.

Set in the Northern Quarter, TNQ is one of the best independent restaurants in Manchester, and is also famous for it’s awesome Sunday lunch menu!

CityCard members get 25% off food at TNQ (excluding Saturday and Sunday), and you have to pre-book - check out their offer page!

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