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Nativity! What a musical!

12 December 2017
Nativity! What a musical!

Every so often, an opportunity comes up in the CityCard office which is simply irresistible, and, when I heard we had tickets from ATG to watch Nativity! The musical at the Palace theatre, the only way that anyone else in the office would be going would be if they prised the tickets out of my cold dead hands!

I love the film.  No, let me reclassify: I LOVE the film.  It is a brilliant Christmas movie, with comedy, brilliant characters, and an unbelievable Christmassy warmth to it.  I LOVE it so much that it’s the first Christmas DVD I watch, and I could probably recite about 95% of the lines!  Put simply, I’m a massive fan, and I just want to get that out there to give some context.

Often musical versions of classic films are disappointing and/or terrible, and or a really sorry shadow of the film – they hack the story apart and retell it, or they miss some of the key lines, or they just don’t capture the whole feeling of the film (a la Elf the musical) – thankfully, not so for Nativity! The musical.










The cast were brilliant, and the new Mr Poppy (though not as podgy as I would like) really shone – the script writer, editor and actor really nailing the essence of Mr Poppy as the funny, quirky guy, but who is a brilliant guy at the end of the day.  There were also convincing and recognisable portrayals for Mr Maddens, Mrs Bevan and Gordon, and, of course, the real stars of the show are the ten or eleven year-old kids who will break your heart in the final nativity scenes!

Contrary to most musicals, this is something I could watch again and again, and I really hope it returns to Manchester next year!

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