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Things to do with your CityCard – Soop

12 October 2017
Things to do with your CityCard – Soop

What further proof do you need that Manchester is at the cutting edge of food, technology, science and the digital age than the brilliant new SOOP kitchen which has just launched in Manchester!?

It’s a brand new lunch option which combines fresh local ingredients to make delicious Asian-inspired soups, which is super healthy, ready exactly when you want it, and which you can order online (to be brought straight to your desk)!  What more can you ask for?









Soop was brought about when the founder, Alex, got fed up of gloopy soups and fatty lunches, so started to make his own soups at home.  Alex’s soop smelled so good that his colleagues started to ask him to make them for him too, and, skip forward a year or so and he’s now launched in Manchester with great acclaim (we’ve heard particularly good things about their beef miso soop).

The best things about Soop is that they’re using fresh ingredients (not like the processed stuff you can buy at the supermarket) – they’re so healthy, in fact, that they include two of your five a day!

Arranging online delivery is easy: just order before 11:30am on the day, and it’ll be delivered to your city centre office completely free of charge.

CityCard members can be a part of this revolution – our members get 20% off their order – which means getting a proper decent and healthy lunch, at your desk, for under £4!

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