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The Next Step for CityCard

12 January 2018
The Next Step for CityCard

It’s a new year, and a chance for everyone to take stock and make a(nother) new start!  

At CityCard, we’ve all been sharing our new years’ resolutions (and pitying the poor guy who is giving up smoking forever and alcohol for January!)









We’ve also had a series of meetings looking at what it is about CityCard that the people of Manchester love, and how we can make it even better, so that you busy people of Manchester can make more of your trips to the CityCentre (and beyond) for work, rest of play!

As part of that, we’re currently interested in any venues that you think we should totally sign up to CityCard!  To be a CityCard venue, they need to be quality at what they do, and they have to put the customer first.  They need to be places that people love to go to, but also places that people will love to go back to, time and again.  And finally, they need to be cool, and they need to want to welcome the members of our city’s biggest and best membership club: namely CityCard!

We’re already in the process of adding more venues as we speak (we’ll notify you of these by email first, so join our mailing list!), but we’d love your thoughts – whether it’s a bar or restaurant, activity centre, salon, spa or gym, museum or tourist attraction, theatre or cinema, or even something that breaks the mould!
Got a venue in mind? Please let us know via email, our online form, or twitter! 

Go on, recommend your favourite place in the city and you could end up saving money there every time you go! @CityCardMCR

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