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Things to do with your CityCard – More Football

11 July 2018
Things to do with your CityCard – More Football

It’s been hard to get away from the Football all summer, and, with the World Cup nearly over, some people might be wondering how they’re going to fill their time for the next few months until the football season kicks off again in earnest.

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Aside from sitting in a beer-garden and toasting the progress of the England team (and their best World Cup for decades), then how about checking out the homes of the two biggest clubs in England? 

Both City and United do stadium tours, and they’re not aimed just for kids – for a few quid, they take you into the changing rooms (and there’s something crazy about sitting exactly where Rashford or Sterling sit before each big game), walk down the tunnel, see how the stadium looks from the pitch, and a chance to see the gleaming trophy cabinets, amongst other parts of the stadium. 

You’ll also be accompanied by a tour guide who has all the anecdotes to remind you of glorious and infamous moments of times gone by.  And don’t worry – you don’t have to be the worlds biggest fan to find the tours really interesting.

CityCard members get special rates for up to four people at both the Old Trafford Stadium tour and the Etihad Stadium tour!

And if that’s not enough football for you, then did you know the National Football Museum is based in central Manchester?  It’s choc-full of pieces of history (like the 1966 world cup final ball!) and interesting exhibitions about how football has changed through the years, what football means today, and there’s games to play to see how good you are at penalties, keepy-ups and making accurate passes.  Entry to the museum is completely FREE!

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