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Use CityCard as an Employee benefit

11 March 2020
Use CityCard as an Employee benefit

CityCard started out twelve years ago to offer amazing discounts off restaurants, bars, gyms and theatres across Manchester, meaning that employees and residents could make the most of the living in the city centre (without having to pay through the nose for it).

It wasn’t long before we were approached to offer bulk rates for groups and clubs, and – excitingly – by bosses and owners of companies who could see the value in getting a CityCard for each of their employees, as a way of giving them a year-long ‘thanks for working so hard’.

CityCard Manchester right across Manchester

Employers loved the fact that it would work out cheaper per head even than taking the team out for a single team dinner, but a lot more valued by the employees. Employees, meanwhile, loved the flexibility and broad range of offers – they could use their CityCard to both woo their dates, treat their friends, beautify themselves, and even to entertain the kids.

And our Employee Benefits offering continues to go from strength to strength to this day. We support a wide range of companies and organisations in Manchester to put (and keep) a smile on the faces of their workforces.

Ask us (or get your boss to ask us) today about our fantastic employee benefit deals for your company today!

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