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Pass us the Ball

10 February 2017
Pass us the Ball

It’s Rugby six nations season, and it’s a source of great consternation to one of our bosses that, despite Manchester being the sporting capital of the UK, there’s literally no international rugby to be found in the city.
Such sporting outposts as Edinburgh, Cardiff and Rome are busy humming to the throng of thousands of happy sports-fans, and yet our great city is left semi-empty during February, reliant upon the two (currently) mis-firing bunches of footballers (or ‘girls’ the same Director calls them!) to offer up sporting action.









So our question is this: why don’t the England Rugby team tour the country?  Wouldn’t it be great if we could watch some meaningful rugby in the North some time?  We have better grounds than Twickenham (and, in the case of Old Trafford, one that is even more historic), we’d be guaranteed to create a better atmosphere, and it’d be save the legions of fans from the North from having to make the long, tedious and expensive jaunt down south just for the chance of watching a good scrum (not to mention much easier for the travelling supporters from Wales, Scotland and Ireland).

Imagine the excitement if England were in town up here, and how much more interested people would be in watching the Six Nations?  How it could be an annual occasion, when we’d welcome our continental neighbours to the City.

We’re tired of London hogging all the England rugby, so it’s time that Manchester was given the chance to get involved, instead of having to watch the England team triumph’s only from the sidelines.

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