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Make Staff Happier

09 March 2017
Make Staff Happier

It’s nearing the end of the financial year, and people are starting to plan for the year ahead (isn’t It scary that that means thinking about 2018 already?!)

After the ‘drama’ of the budget earlier this week – which will likely see taxes increasing from the self-employed and for small businesses across Manchester – there has never been a better time to offer a CityCard as an employee benefit!









A CityCard is probably cheaper that your current social budget, but by giving a CityCard, you’re giving your employees the freedom to explore the city: from museums and theatres, to comedy clubs and tourist attractions, shops, spa’s and salons – and that’s not to mention the key selling point that CityCard gets you money off in dozens of restaurants and bars across the city.  And they will love you for it.

No one really enjoys work meals or work outings, and whilst they might raise staff morale, there’s an equal risk that there’ll be a falling out, or that you’ll almost definitely end up being too generous with the drinks and going way over budget!

A CityCard works out cheaper than a single staff meal, but lasts all year, and means the gift of family days out, meals with real friends (the card is valid for up to four people), discount haircuts or gym membership, or even cheap beer.

So if you’re looking to make your staff happy whilst cutting costs, you need CityCard.  Call our team on 0161 427 1862

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