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We LOVE Don Giovanni

08 September 2017
We LOVE Don Giovanni

With so many new places to eat and drink opening up in our great city, it’s very easy to get excited and to overlook all the great places we already have – particularly when they’re venues that have been standing out for their quality for years.









Don Giovanni, for example, is the oldest Italian restaurant in the city centre – serving up Pasta and Pizza to Mancunians since 1984!  It may have been around a while, but if you visited it, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was brand new – the restaurant was completely re-fitted in 2015 which gave it a classy, open and modern feel, and which saw it picking up awards for being the most romantic Italian restaurant in the country!

For a restaurant to have that sort of longevity, they absolutely have to get the basics right, and at Don Giovanni you’ll get brilliant service, a warm atmosphere, and incredible food.  And the food at Don Giovanni is certainly worth writing home about – last year, the restaurant collaborated with Michelin-starred Jean-Christophe Novelli for a special range of signature dishes, and they serve generous portions of fine Mediterranean cuisine.

If you’ve never been: you certainly need to give it a go.  If you’ve not been there for a while: then remember that being ‘new’ doesn’t necessarily mean that a restaurant is worth eating at!

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