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Unbelievably bored (and sad)

08 May 2020
Unbelievably bored (and sad)

It’s now been weeks and weeks of lockdown, but it feels like years and years since my last proper social interaction – one in real life (not on a computer screen – which is good but isn’t really the same), and where I didn’t flinch when someone stood within 2 metres of me.

It feels longer still since I last sat in a proper bar or restaurant, or went out to the cinema or theatre. My mind will be blown when everything around here opens again (“Wow! I’d forgotten all about X, I have to go and do it tonight!’) - that’s obviously assuming that everything reopens.

Bored of coronavirus in Manchester and sad

It’s going to be difficult for a lot of the city centre business because life will probably change – there’ll be a lot more people working from home now that it’s been proven to work, which means fewer people grabbing lunch on the go in the city centre, and fewer post-work pints and meals.

And that’s not even factoring the added complexities of social distancing – just how many tables or seats can a bar or restaurant fit in if each group has to be 2m away from the next, and, more importantly, can you get enough people in to actually make enough money to make it worth all the effort?

And nightclubs? Where do you even start?!

The ‘new normal’, whenever it arrives, already sounds a bit dull - and how will people meet each other at the bar, or in a club? So many people who would’ve met on a night out just aren’t going to meet any more…

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