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Manchester is closed - for now

08 April 2020
Manchester is closed - for now

We’ve now been in lockdown for two weeks. It’s been tough on people that like to travel, people that like to be outdoors, really difficult for people who love to socialise, especially hard for people who are now responsible for minding their own kids as well as completing all their work from home, and, of course people who are affected by the virus (either directly or knowing someone who is). 

Manchester is closed due to coronavirus

Throw into the mix that resources are scarce, anything fun is closed (even parks and beaches), businesses are failing (even big high street names like Carluccio’s and Debenhams), and now even the Prime Minister is in intensive care and you can see why it’s been hard for everyone.

Of course, we can be proud of how we have rallied around, there’s been an upsurge in community spirit, and rainbows are appearing everywhere - but it looks likely that, even after virtually cancelling the Easter holidays, the virus, the lockdown and everything that goes with it, is likely to be extended for at least another few weeks, to the end of April.

But hope is on its way: they’re turning the tide on the virus in Italy, Germany, France, and Spain, and shops and schools are re-opening in Austria and Denmark in the coming week.

For now, Manchester is closed, but there’s a chance that maybe, if we all do our duty, stay at home, we’ll be able to see our friends again and celebrate at some point in May. Stay strong, Manchester. We got this.

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