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New Year's Eve - CANCELLED

07 October 2020
New Year's Eve - CANCELLED

It’s official: Manchester’s New Years Eve festivities (to mark the killing off of a woeful 2020, or the celebration of new hope for 2021) have been cancelled. As have the bonfire-night fireworks, and the great lights switch-on.

New Year's Eve Cancelled 2020 Manchester

At the moment, the Christmas markets hang by a thread – the council would still like to do something, but it’s surely only a matter of time before they’re given the heave-ho, or reduced to a single burger van surrounded by shower curtains, next to someone offering home-delivered overpriced baubles or cheese.

Everyone is too worried or scared (or both) to even think about venturing into our great city, there’s students trapped in student halls, there’s been torrential rain, and some terrible football results (and abject performances) for both Manchester clubs – and, well, you can see why Manchester is not a happy place at the moment.

We’re already in ‘local lock-down’, with people banned from our homes, and meetings limited to six people or whatever, but there’s worse to come - we’re apparently the current UK epicentre of Coronavirus (with the most cases per hundred-thousand people in the country) so we can expect even more, stricter measures to be on their way soon (mainly because the current measures that are in place don’t seem to be having much impact on the number of people infected or hospitalised).

It’s all a sad state of affairs, and it’s hard to see much light at the end of the tunnel as we speak - a vaccine is on the way, but it’s probably going to arrive too late to save Christmas from being a washout. Fingers crossed, though, eh?

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