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Things to do with your CityCard - Lime Bar & Restaurant

05 March 2019
Things to do with your CityCard - Lime Bar & Restaurant

Most of the venues on CityCard are in the city centre so that you can head there after work or whatever, but there’s some venues that are so good that they’re definitely worth travelling outside the city for. 

One of those is the incredible Lime bar and restaurant in Salford Quays, which, even after all these years, is a sophisticated, modern and happy place to rest awhile.  They don’t just offer a slick bar service and decent happy hour drinks – they also have great pre-theatre or pre-football offers (and plenty of screens to catch up on sports action if you’re not actually heading to the ground yourself).

Lime Bar Manchester CityCardManchester.co.uk

So far so good, but the reason everyone raves about Lime bar is the food - they have a fantastic and ever-changing menu of amazing, innovative and exciting bar food - except, it’s not really bar food: it’s restaurant food which happens to be served in a more informal setting. 

Their deep-fried panko-breaded Brie is to die for, their Greek Mezze will feed about three people, their steak is fantastic (even if it is from Yorkshire…!) and their burgers and hot dogs are sooo good that you’d order up a second one if only you had a big enough stomach!

All the food here is sustainably and locally sourced, which is another reason why people love the place, and in the sunshine, it’s even better, because the views from the bar over the quays are fantastic and the whole place has an epic atmosphere.

And one final reason to head here – the food is already reasonably priced, but CityCard members get a bonus 20% off food here (excluding match-days).  Find out more on their offer page.

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