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Things to do with your CityCard - Street on First

04 September 2019
Things to do with your CityCard - Street on First

Perhaps one of the more out of the way places in our city centre is the New Street development, which, if you haven’t had a reason to go to, you’re not likely to stumble across – but there’s so many reasons to head there.

The new development - opposite where the glorious Hacienda, the epicentre of Manchester’s music scene, used to sit – features the Home theatre and cinema complex, plenty of shops and cafes, an ice rink during winter, swanky new offices and hotels, and, my favourite, the Street on First restaurant.

Street on first and CityCard Manchester

Street on First is a modern, stylish, and exciting place to eat, drink or be merry.  With floor to ceiling windows, plenty of space, a great range of drinks (including a delicious cocktail menu), and an even better range of meals on offer – they’ll sort you out with everything from pizza’s, burgers, steaks and hearty salads, all served with a healthy dose of friendly and accommodating staff and a heady, bohemian atmosphere.

Many of the dishes are made with sharing and social eating in mind – because meals are better when they’re shared – and it’s one of those venues where, extraordinarily, time seems to pass so quickly: you settle down, have a fine meal, enjoy your company and all of a sudden it’s time to race for the last train home.

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