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Just when you thought Manchester had it all…

04 August 2017
Just when you thought Manchester had it all…

Just when you thought that our great city had it all, something crops up that makes you wonder what we’ve been doing all these years: we might have world class sporting facilities, incredible universities and top drawer city-centre, but we’ve never (until next weekend) had our own Beer Run?! 

Yes, a Beer Run.  Marple Beer Run is a 4km charity trail ‘race’ which sees participants stopping every kilometre for a pint of beer!  That’s three pints of the good stuff in total (plus they throw in a finish-line drink!), and we’re promised that 3 pints should be enough for the runners to feel the effects – meaning that it’ll quite literally be a fun run!









It’s the first year that this sort of event has been organised, and the course looks quite challenging – though quite how seriously people take the race remains to be seen.  The prize for being the first person to the finish line (which is, incidentally at the Fox Inn pub in Brookbottom, near New Mills) is a yard of ale (ouch!) and a taxi ride back to the start-line!

It sounds amazing, is brilliant to see that it’s supporting local charities, and should hopefully be another brilliant addition to the Manchester scene!

For more information on the Marple Beer Run, and to view the route or sign up, head to www.MarpleBeerRun.com

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