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Things to do with your CityCard - Pro Balance Workouts

03 January 2019
Things to do with your CityCard - Pro Balance Workouts

It’s a new year, and it’s the ideal time to take stock, reassess your life, and plan the year ahead.  That means new attitudes to work (or new jobs), better relationships with friends, family and lovers, and making changes to your lifestyle to be the best you that you can be.

Some people right now are making noise about switching to a vegan diet, but there’s loads of ways to improve your health and sense of well-being – the easiest (and ultimately most rewarding in so many ways) is getting off your backside and committing to doing daily exercise – which means getting fitter, getting your muscles moving, and feeling happier and healthier as a result of all of those endorphins kicking around.

You don’t have to want to run a marathon – the best way of getting exercise into your life is to do stuff you enjoy which also happens to be exercise: go jogging with a friend, organise football or basketball with your mates, or just compete on step-counters like fitbit and Strava.

And you don’t have to do it on your own: you can hire a personal trainer to help guide you, to make it fun, and to set you interesting, exciting and achievable goals. 

Manchesters’ very own Andrew Jeffries of Pro-balance is an expert personal trainer, based in Deansgate (but he’ll even do 1-2-1 sessions via Skype!), who can help you get your body moving.  CityCard members also get 15% off their services – so why not check out the Pro-balance offer page and give them a call!

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