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Things to do with your CityCard – New Manchester Walks

01 November 2018
Things to do with your CityCard – New Manchester Walks

This week sees the release of the film epic ‘Peterloo’ which is based in Manchester, and which puts a spotlight on the titanic struggle lead by people from our region to get equal rights for all people – and the tragic way which the London-based government responded to their campaign – namely the bloodiest political massacre in the UK’s long history.  Or in the UK, at least.

One of the reasons the Director had for making the film was that so few people know about Peterloo, despite it being a genuine turning point in the history of democracy in our country.  It is certainly worth a watch, and it’s practically guaranteed to get you thinking about what other parts of our city’s great history you know nothing about.

If the film whets your appetite for local history, then you need look no further than distinguished local tour guide Ed Glinert – his ‘New Manchester Walks’ involve walking tours of our very own city centre where he will point out important buildings or artefacts and regale you with anecdotes and interesting facts aplenty.  When you look beyond the chrome and glass, this city really has a lot of stories to tell. 

There are tours that focus on Peterloo, LS Lowry, Architecture and even football, which run regularly and you can book on to them by visiting the New Manchester Walks website (and clicking on the walks calendar).

Best of all, CityCard members get 20% off the price of a walking tour (see the offer page for details). 

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