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Pubs and restaurants OPEN this Saturday!

01 July 2020
Pubs and restaurants OPEN this Saturday!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally on the horizon: lockdown is getting easier, and soon the best places in Manchester will be reopening for people to enjoy: tourist attractions, play parks, hairdressers and salons, but, above all, it’s the return of the pubs and restaurants that will make a difference and turn the corner from lockdown being a terrible hardship to being, well, ‘ok, for now’.

Pubs and bars in manchester open coronavirus

Yes, pubs and restaurants will be finally allowed to open (subject to strict social distancing measures inside and outside) this Saturday 4th July.

There’s mixed feelings about how things will go - there’s been much talk on social media that people are desperate to get out to bars and pubs again, and there is news that parks and councils are preparing for a day of complete carnage. The police across the country are also planning to be on standby to deal with any issues.

But when it comes to the crunch, many people say things on social media but behave differently in real life. Whilst there was an initial scrum to get into Primark, in the main, shops are now pretty much operating below capacity, and there are certainly fewer people on the streets.

For sure, there will be some people that will flood into the town centre, but equally, there will be so many people who will resist the temptation, or who don’t yet want to risk getting the drama of mixing with so many people, that things might not be as bad as they predict. Time will tell.

It is, however, a great step forward as we regain our freedoms and our rights, and the chance for a perfect draught beer or a lovingly cooked burger!

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